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SEPT - the international body for the development of concrete block pavement technology.

2018 Conference details announced

SEPT is an international organisation made up of individual academics, consultants and practitioners, generally representing national trade associations.


Since their origination in the mid-twentieth century, interlocking concrete block pavements have continued to develop as a unique, highly engineered and well-established technology. SEPT plays a pivotal role in taking this technology forward on a worldwide basis, principally through major international conferences which it instigates.

SEPT encourages the sharing of information and the dissemination of research - including best practice, design, construction, new applications, standards and codes - through its Technical Paper resource.


SEPT covers all forms of small element concrete pavement technology for commercial applications, including permeable or pervious paving for sustainable drainage systems, and paving flags or slabs. Applications for this technology continue to expand and range from heavy-duty container terminals, ports and airports to residential streets and urban regeneration.

As a result, this website will be an important resource for a wide range of professionals including researchers, engineers, urban designers, municipal authorities, developers and contractors. It also acts as a portal for a growing number of national associations’ websites which provide more locally based guidance on interlocking concrete block pavements.